Stephen Provencher is no longer available. LCModel is now free software. You can use it by entering (the first time only) the command:
  touch  $HOME/.lcmodel/license 
and for each analysis the following in Figure 7.7 of the User's Manual:
  key = 210387309
Optionally, you can also enter:
  owner = 'your group and laboratory name'

Two other things you need are:

There is a Windows version, but without the GUI; you use Chapter 5 of the User's Manual

The source code worked with the Intel Windows Fortran compiler IFORT. For other compilers, you will probably have to find a substitute for FDATE, which returns the time and date. For Linux, there is a sample Makefile.

Please note:

Much of the rest of this website has not been updated since LCModel became free software.

Download, Install & Test:

Past News:

LCModel Version 6.3.
LCModel Version 6.2. While the main application remains brain, options have been added for more primitive spectra:


Methods are described in:

LCMgui Graphical User Interface

The normal usage is to supply the time-domain data as a simple text file to LCModel. A possible alternative is the LCMgui graphical user interface:

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